HARRISBURG (CBS) — The Pennsylvania House has passed a bill to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana in Pennsylvania. But it does not appear that the state senate will act before the current legislative session expires.

Rep. Mark Cohen (D-Phila.), who is leading the effort to legalize medical marijuana, argued against the bill to ban fake pot:

“Now, I think this is just an extension of an approach to drug law that has not proven to be very effective.”

But the bill’s sponsor, Lehigh Valley Democrat Jennifer Mann, disagrees:

“This is definitely a growing trend, as people try to find a legal way to reach some kind of high. But folks, to do nothing is not the answer.”

The House has also passed a bill that would ban the sale of unhealthy foods in Pennsylvania schools. But only a few days remain on the state senate’s session calendar, and a spokesman for the majority Republicans says neither bill is likely to come up for a Senate vote before the session ends.

Reported by KYW Newsradio Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo

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