Former N. Penn School Official Accused Of Sexual Assault

(KYW Newsradio 1060) – A former vice principal at a middle school in the North Penn School District is under arrest, accused of having inappropriate sexual conversations with a 13-year-old student.

KYW’s Brad Segall reports that according to police, Charles Hurst (in photo) befriended the teenage boy at Pennbrook Middle School. They say he began spending a lot of personal time with the student and his family, taking the child on ski trips and to basketball games.

But police say the 37-year-old Lansdale man was also talking to the boy about sexual acts, and text messages were found on the juvenile’s phone confirming that.

Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman says Hurst is charged with child endangerment and corruption of minors.

“If these allegations are proven to be true, we’re looking at a situation where someone has violated the trust of a school community, of a child, of a family, in one of the worst possible ways.”

A search of Hurst’s car also turned up cocaine and a loaded firearm. Police say he has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Hurst told Montgomery Township police that his cell phone had a virus and inappropriate text messages were sent to a former student.

The Lower Moreland School District says Hurst was hired as assistant principal at Murray Avenue School in July and was placed on administrative leave last week when the police investigation began.

(Photo provided by Montco DA)

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One Comment

  1. smackee says:

    aside from is really goofy haircut… the real problem is how this pervert got so close to the kid without any thoughts by the parents of ODD….. Hopefully the LAW will prosecute this wierdo and send him to jail.. let the immates ruff him up some.. they will love his hair dooo….

  2. The Bobster says:

    That chicken hawk should be locked up for that bad haircut alone.

  3. ZZBAR says:

    Parents and this creeepy looking dude should all go to jail. There are so many perv’s out there.

  4. june says:

    bahaha, nice hair!! First clue should’ve been when he had Justin Bieber’s hairdo — at 37!!!

  5. MYOP says:

    His hair is the dumbesdt thing I;’ve seen in a long time

  6. no says:

    HE IS INNOCENT. he’s an innocent man.
    the teen “victim” is also the sender of the texts.

    1. I?theparents2 says:

      So the sender of the texts got close enough to steel his phone and send the texts? Oh yeah an style his hair.

    2. T Gib says:

      Pedophiles are considered predators for a reason. They prey on the young for their nievity and lack of experience to say “No”. Whether he answered a text message back or not does not take away from this teachers preying on a young child that did not know better. Due to privacy concerns for the student, they do not discuss him in news reports, but I could probably guess that this student was looking for acceptance and the more experienced teacher recognized it and preyed on it for his own pleasures.

  7. Hair Police says:


  8. sbwgeh says:

    I can’t believe his parents let him hang out with this creepy looking dude. He parents should get some jail time

  9. NEW IT!!! says:

    This dude was my vice-principal last year. I’m at North Penn now but still he was everyone’s friend last year. He was a friend first and an authority figure second. Everyone new he was probably gay and actually if you knew the guy you would read this and say, “This explains a lot.” He was definitely a creep and the Justin Bieber hair says it all. This guy was a creep all the way and that’s probably why he left our school last year in such a rush. Like literally, he was there for a year and suddenly decided to leave! He lives near me too. He actually lives withing 100 yards of like 10 of his former students. Dude’s a creep.

  10. mike says:

    We should give him a raise for the next contract negotiation.

  11. sharon says:

    DEAR GOD!!!!!!!! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist of a parent to wonder about this creep!!

  12. Kim says:

    What parents are naive enough to let a young boy go on trips with a 37 year-old man…with THAT hairstyle. Yes, they are partly responsible.

  13. Laura says:

    Right? A 37 year old man with Justin Bieber’s haircut is not only laughable, but just downright scary! We are putting too many folks in the hands of children without thouroughly investigating them.

    1. T Gib says:

      Teachers are subject to extensive background checks to include an FBI check that would include any prior convictions. To claim that a background check would stop it, it wouldn’t stop every instance. He had no prior history and would not have appeared in such a check. The parents are just as responsible for making sure they know who is with their child and what those interactions include. As a parent of 3 kids ages 6-15, I ensure I know who they are interacting with, supervise their cell phone activity and make sure they know what is and is not appropriate with others to include adults. The moment this teacher approached this student, he should have felt comfortable to tell his parents that something was not right.

  14. spacemonki says:

    LOL! Justin Beiber!

  15. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Nice hair clown!!! That should have been the first sign that something is wrong with this guy! I would have to hold the parents responsible to a certain extent too!

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