Site Features Local Food Itineraries, Farmers’ Markets, Leaders & Tempting Ideas

Foodies eager to dig into Philadelphia’s local food scene need look no further than The special section on the Philadelphia region’s official tourism Web site allows visitors to plan their Philly Homegrown experience—farmers’ markets, restaurants, pick-your-own options, Amish treats and Philadelphia faves—from start to finish. On, visitors can:

  • Explore the tons of local food offerings in Philadelphia, including farmers’ markets, restaurants that use local ingredients, pick-your-own farms and orchards, wineries and breweries
  • Plan a whole day—or a few days—of local nourishment with Center City and regional itineraries
  • Meet the people leading Philadelphia’s local food movement, from farmers to vintners to restaurant owners
  • Find out the best pickings in the “What’s in Season” section
  • Become a budding chef with three monthly changing recipes that use the region’s fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Watch a three-minute video that introduces Philadelphia’s local food players and must-eats
  • Get the inside dish on the “Just In at Homegrown” section, featuring the latest news and updates about Philadelphia’s local food scene

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