Local Bride Angered By Venue Double-Booking

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (CBS3) – Imagine your wedding day is less than three weeks away, but you find out the place where you booked your wedding has been double-booked.

Wedding bells will be ringing at the Newportville Fire Department in Levittown on October 9. But unfortunately, fire sirens are scheduled to be ringing as well because the fire house is double-booked that day with a wedding and a fire prevention day set for the same exact time.

The bride is angered by the double-booking.

“I didn’t want to cry … I’m trying to start my life with my future husband,” said Alyse Grecco.

The wedding invitations have been sent out with the date, and the fire department has publicized its event with banners.

Grecco’s father accidentally found out the fire department was doubled-booked.

The family has 76 guests coming to the wedding and the fire department has up to 1,000 coming to their event.

Late Wednesday evening, the Newportville Fire Company told Eyewitness News that it was a mix-up and they now have a resolution.

“We know it’s her day, it’s a special day for her. The fire prevention committee made the decision, along with the trustees and the president of the fire company, to try to relocate our fire prevention so she can have the property for her that day,” Battalion Chief John Doster said.

The soon-to-be bride was happy to hear the news.

“Great. I just hope everything works out,” Alyse said.


One Comment

  1. Trevor says:

    Seriously, why is this news?

  2. cy says:

    a non story. Double bookings happen every day. This one makes news. The fire event got switched, so what’s the problem? Since when does this even make the news? can i call you the next time a cat gets stuck up a tree?

  3. GEORGE says:

    Channel 3 should tell the whole story instead of what there boss said to make the fire company look bad.

  4. Mike says:

    Nice Job by the Chief; probably the biggest fire put out in a while!!! lol

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