PHILADELPHIA (CBS3) – Students with head lice is something that a growing number of families are struggling with.

“It was the most disruptive thing I’ve ever been through,” said Elizabeth Bentel Carpenter, mother of kids who’ve recently had lice.

“Once school starts, you tend to see a rise in the amount of lice infestation that comes to the office, and it stays pretty regular throughout the year,” said Dr. Robert Bonner, a Pediatrician at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and a member of the Academy of Pediatrics.

There are now updated guidelines from the Academy of Pediatrics saying only children with active cases should be kept out of school.

“New guidelines are recommending that children who have nits present, nits are the small eggs that are on the hair shaft, do not necessarily need to be out of school,” said Dr. Bonner.

Some lice are becoming resistant to commonly used topical medications and shampoos.

Now kids may have to get up to three treatments or Dr. Bonner said, “We have to go to other medications, which have more side effects in order to treat them. So it’s becoming a little more difficult because of the resistance that has developed in the organism.”

Doctors say to guard against lice, children should not share personal items, like hair brushes and hats.


American Academy of Pediatric Lice Guidelines
Head Lice Information

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