Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery

In a perfect world, everyone would value their life experience and the physical imperfections that come with it.  That’s not the case, and plastic surgeons don’t always do such a good job… even on on the rich and famous. Then again, who else can afford all that work?

  • Kats

    Some of these celebs look like warmed over corpses. I had a lower eye lift with a non-Hollywood plastic surgeon in South Jersey who did such a fabulous job, he is definitely on the A list for me! I know I was one of the lucky ones.

  • Dolores Marotta

    Courtney Love never looked better—her plastic surgeon should receive a “shout out” for a job well done.

  • LibelFreeZone

    This is news? No, it’s cruel, and panders to adults’ latent proclivity to bully others. Then we wonder why adolescents bully each other. Look to media–the biggest bully of ’em all.

  • Greg

    A couple of them didn’t look too bad, but the rest . . . Yikes!

    Carnival sideshow material :(

  • Kat

    Are we sure stallone has had any???? He looks just like his mother Jackie… Except she has longer hair

  • Daisy

    Vanity. All is vanity.

  • lllllllllllllll

    Omg! lol

  • Beth

    Bad plastic surgery gone so bad

    • lllllllllllllll

      Beth, you got that right . . . lol I’d want a REFUND! LOL

    • lllllllllllllll

      Beth, you are so right about that. lol Looks like a clown show. I’d DEMAND a REFUND! LOL

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