Packers 27, Eagles 20

michael vick running Packers 27, Eagles 20By Joseph Santoliquito

Michael Vick made it exciting, but that’s about it, as the Green Bay Packers withstood a late Eagles charge in beating the Birds, 27-20, at Lincoln Financial Field. Vick provided a bolt of offense for a team that was offensively dormant for a half, clawing back from a 17-point deficit.

But there were serious repercussions from a tough opening-game loss. The Eagles have also lost center Jamaal Jackson for the season with a torn right biceps and Leonard Weaver with a torn ACL in his left knee. Vick replaced Eagles’ starter Kevin Kolb, who left the game with a concussion after the first half. Eagles’ middle linebacker Stewart Bradley also didn’t play in the second half due to a concussion. 

“I’ve never been part of a game like this before, where there were all kinds of injuries,” said Eagles’ tailback LeSean McCoy, the Birds’ second-leading rusher who picked up 35 yards, behind the game-high 103 yards provided by Vick. “It was important we came back the way we did, but just to see guys going down and down, that takes something out of a team.”

What the Eagles got was a spark in Vick, who made what seemed to be a blowout into something pretty entertaining in the end. He directed the Eagles to two second-half scores and had them within a touchdown of tying the game, with 4:13 to play and the ball at the Eagles’ 24. Vick then turned it into the Michael Vick Experience, Philly style, dodging and juking through the Packers’ defense for pickups of 9, 16 and 3 yards.

The Eagles’ hopes finally stalled at the Green Bay 42, when Clay Matthews stopped Vick on a fourth-and-1 with 2 minutes left to play. The Packers sat on the last 1:54 and let the debate begin as to who the Eagles should start next week.


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  1. D-Dro In DE says:

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and one team’s lost is another teams win…..We lost Donovan but Washington won against Dallas. Thank you haters!

  2. linford bobbs says:

    The injuries are going to hurt us but we will fight back. We definately do not have a quaterbck problem,with Kolb as the starter its his job to loose.Special teams has to tighten up.Loved the Green,,,,,,,Go Birds

  3. dmac6419 says:

    Aint nothing wrong with Kolb or Bradley,just got knocked a little silly,boxer get knock silly all the time,Kolb got all week to recuperate,make no excuses,dude aint ready,he’s been here how long,sanchez started his first year,bradford starting and Mcnabb aint got nothing to do with this,kolb aint no rookie

  4. Jon says:

    Very creative playcalling on 4th down to end the game.. “lets have vick run the ball…again.” The packers D didn’t see that one coming.

    1. joseph santoliquito says:

      Good call, Jon, they actually did. In talking to Clay Matthews after the game, he admitted the Packers knew exactly what the eagles were going to do.


  5. Ray Morales says:

    Putting aside the fact that Kolb stunk it up and that Vic showed the value of an experienced quarterback.
    what truly upset me the most was Andy’s and his side kick of an offensive coordinator last call on 4 and 1. That was the weakest move in the entire game and I wish that Vick would have optioned out of that hidious play. The problem with this offense are many but the lack of imagination on the fly from these two guys have cost us so many games! Why is Morninwig still in this team. Why is 96 still in this team, why is Hanson still in this team? As long as the eagles accept poor performances,,,they will have another 11 years of winless seasons.

  6. #7 says:

    EVERYONE that hates Vick, you will be cheering him before the season ends………Kolb surely is NOT ready for the NFL. Lurie should’ve kept McNabb but didn’t, another GREAT move by Philadelphia’s finest……..

  7. guy roman says:

    Trade Kolb for LB or FB, Fire Reid finally (in shotgun on 4th and 1 with no time-outs left, use Vick’s speed to play action, roll-out and make the 1st down, Reid) Bring on a real coach, Bill Cower or Tony Dungy, and sign Vick to 3 year contract as the starter with the already confident, competent Kafka from Northwestern as the back-up

  8. Drew Ha says:

    Andy Reid is a CLOWN….he will be saved YET AGAIN by another athletic QB, not the “prototype”.; sounds so American!!!! lol

    1. Ray Morales says:

      I agree with you completely, his system is too predictable and lacks discipline.
      The Defense looked ok but the lack of pressure from the two tackles worries me, they are fine players but they didnt show up. Hanson and number 96 were terrible. Even the Greenbay’s receiver were making fun of his coverage technique. Bring Gruden in and let that bum of an offensive discordinator go home

  9. Blackcat says:

    Hate or love him…… Mike Vick looked like a robot! He took over a game that everyone thought was loss!

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