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A member of the firm that designed the Pentagon 9/11 memorial that was dedicated two years ago reflects on their efforts to design it.

pentagon memorial Local Firm Reflects on Design of Pentagon Memorial

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports Julie Beckman is a partner atKBAS, a Philadelphia architecture and design firm. She was one of the designers chosen to create a September 11th memorial for the Pentagon, beating out 1,125 other architects.

Two years ago, that memorial was dedicated:

“The Pentagon Memorial is a two-acre park on the west lawn of the Pentagon building’s reservation exactly in front of where the plane hit the building.”

She says working on the design for the September 11th Pentagon memorial has changed her perspective on her profession:

“We became very close with the family members and they became family to us and us to them. And we saw how incredibly powerful design can be in order to help somebody.”

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