A 30-year-old Bucks County man has been sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for a head-on DUI crash that killed two young men on Roosevelt Boulevard in 2007.

crime cuffs phila px Bucks Man Sentenced for Fatal DUI Crash on Roosevelt Blvd.

KYW’s Tony Hanson reports the defendant had a long history of driving violations.

Prosecutor Michael Barry says defendant Paul Gilger was drunk and driving the wrong way — northbound on the southbound lanes of the Boulevard, in the Far Northeast — when he smashed head-on into the car of 20-year-old Ramon Silva and 16-year-old Ariel Santos, who was about to enter his senior year of high school.

Barry says a friend of the victims, driving in a van alongside them, saw one the victims’ faces as he was about to die:

“She realized what was going to happen and looked over to the car where the two young men were driving, and she testified she saw Ariel and knew that he recognized he was about to get hit and that he was gripping onto his seatbelt to brace himself and he looked terrified.”

Judge Gwendolyn Bright says that testimony and the image still haunt her.

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