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Leonard Weaver asks Eagles fans to name his dog.

puppy2 Leonard Weaver asks Eagles fans to name his dog.Click more for full podcast


  • John Eric

    If Leonard’s dog is a female… She could be named FAITH….
    If his dog is a male… He could be named SERGEANT STUBBY.. or just STUBBY (this was the name of the most decorated US dog of World War I)… Anyhow Leonard keep the ‘faith’… we are praying for your recovery.

  • Tom K


  • shaun

    Should name it “James Van Der Beek” after James Van Der Beek.

  • Wayne Lucas

    Bluto, as in the name of Popey’s arch enemy who looked alot like a bull Dog

  • stuart wenger

    Don’t know who won but obvious name is Dream. Dream Weaver

  • JA

    Douglas. Then he can have a sign on the lawn
    that says, “Beware of Doug”.

  • rick


  • mot mot

    Leroy Jenkins

  • jees

    “vick” c’mon

  • Chase

    Nice looking dog, how about Bruiser? Is it a bulldog or pit bull? I can’t tell.

    Butch, I like that one.

  • Dennis

    call him chooch

  • anthony

    sonny or hugs

  • Nate Minor

    Mr. Weaver a great name for your dog name is “Freedom”

  • Cody R.

    rukus or rufus

  • Tony B.

    squiggy is nice

  • Ceeba

    Dream… (as in Dream Weaver)

  • Len

    How about “WEAGLES” in honor of you and the Eagles?

  • charlie


  • lou


  • Tom

    Sn”eagles” or Sn”eagley”

  • ozzy


  • Eric

    Should Name the dog “Salsa”

    Mango & Salsa???

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