The day after Labor Day marks the traditional unofficial start to the political season, and this year promises to provide plenty of drama and heated controversy.

KYW’s Larry Kane says it could be a very special 56 days between now and election day.

Democrats are forecasting a Democratic disaster in eight weeks, but that’s the way it supposed to be. After all, maximizing your political danger has always been a way to get the vote out.

Locally, the Bucks, Delaware County and New Jersey 3rd district, with Jon Adler facing John Runyan, are the key Congressional races where the GOP could pick up three. But the day after Labor day sees Senate hopeful Joe Sestak launching an ad campaign against aggressive frontrunner Pat Toomey, whose been on the air for months.

And in Delaware, Senate frontrunner Mike Castle meets the Tea Party Express candidate Christine O’Donnell in the GOP primary a week from Tuesday.

Bottom line: Democrats in the area prepare for the worst and Republicans are remaining hopeful but cautious — it could be eight weeks to remember.

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