by KYW’s Phran Novelli —

And now, by popular request: my mojito recipe!

Seriously, people ask me for it all the time, because it’s super simple.  And while it’s much less impressive than hand-muddling mint for each mojito, when you’ve got loads of mint and thirsty friends, this is quick and easy.

  1. 1.  Stuff a handful of fresh, clean mint in the blender -– stems and all.
  2. 2.  Dump in a can of frozen limeade or lemonade (I like organic brands made with good old sugar).
  3. 3.  Blend it to bits, then pour through a fine sieve to strain out the pulp and chopped mint leaves so they don’t stick to your glassware (or more embarrassingly, your teeth).
  4. 4.  Pour some of this mojito mix into a glass of ice and add seltzer to taste. If you’re of age and so inclined, add a shot of booze.  Rum is traditional but I’m not, so I use tequila.

With the greenery strained, your mojito mix keeps well for days in the fridge. Or freeze it into cubes to keep it even longer and flavor tea and other drinks with minty goodness.

(Photo by Phran Novelli)

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