September is national preparedness month and the Red Cross is offering tips on what to do in all types of emergencies.

about Red Cross Offers Tips for Staying Safe in Any Emergency

KYW’S Karin Phillips reports emergencies could mean hurricanes, explosions or terrorist attacks, but they also mean power outages and fires.

Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter interim CEO Donna Palmieri says there are three principles of being Red Cross Ready for any emergency. One is to have a portable emergency kit with supplies for three days in case you have to leave your home:

“Something like a first aid kit, putting in your medicines, having a battery operated radio, have a flashlight, have some money and have some change and have contact information because of that cell phone in time of emergency might not work.”

Palmieri says it’s also a good idea to have an emergency family plan and to stay informed of what’s going on in your community. For more info, go to

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