New Jersey ended safety inspections for cars a month ago, leading to some speculation that people from Pennsylvania with properties down the shore might register their cars in the Garden State in hopes of saving money. That won’t work says a veteran insurance agent.

KYW’s David Madden reports for starters, you need to not only list that shore property as your primary residence but obtain a New Jersey Drivers License before most agents will take you on.

But Tom Byrne, President of the Byrne Insurance Agency, says there’s another perhaps more practical reason not to bother:

“Unless they’re inner-city people, they’re in the suburbs of Philadelphia and they have a shore house here; their insurance to insure the car here will be more expensive than it is in Pennsylvania.”

This is true for most South Jersey suburbs. Remember, New Jersey is the third most expensive state in America to insure your car behind New York and California.

Byrne says a few people have asked him about it but not many.

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