Philadelphia and its cast of characters is in the spotlight once again for a new reality series.

KYW’s John McDevitt reports reaction to the show is mixed.  “Wreck Chasers” airs on TLC on October 28th.

Camera crews are reportedly following employees of four towing companies in Philadelphia and their some times abrasive dealings with police, the competition and the like.  Many Philadelphians say it may not portray the city in a positive way to a national audience:

“I think Philly portrayed as a little bit hard and i think that will keep that image going.”

This woman says it will be good television:

“I think they are more so exploiting us for what we are and it’s sad to say being a Philadelphian, but it is what it is — lots of drama (laughs).”

The show was reportedly a go prior to a tow truck driver suffering a gun sot in Hunting Park, allegedly by a rival driver and the arson of a towing business.

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