Atlantic City workers were on the beach early Wednesday morning preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Earl or its remnants hitting the jersey shore. Workers spread out across the beach and removed large yellow trash cans and wooden boards from the beach. Their concern is if the storm brings heavy rain and strong winds, the items will either fly or float and cause serious damage to people and property.

According to the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management the latest suggest Hurricane Earl’s impact on the jersey shore may not be as serious as some have thought or suggested. But the models monitoring the hurricane’s path are subject to change. That’s why the Office of Emergency Management is urging people to be aware and make sure they listen to all watches and warnings if any are issued.

But for many beachgoers and vacationers, it’s too early to abandon the beach. They want more solid information about the storm’s path before they decide to pack up and leave. Despite the threat of the storm many resorts and hotels say its business as usual.

The Matador Resort in North Wildwood is booked solid through the Labor Day weekend.

Still people are urged to be careful in the water. Conditions are rougher than usual with large swells and rip currents. Lifeguards are paying close attention knowing conditions are adverse and if necessary they will order people out of the water until conditions improve.

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