It lacked the drama surrounding New Jersey’s failure to finish in the money, but Governor Rendell also has some hard feelings about Pennsylvania’s failure to win federal education “Race to the Top” funds.

rendell4 Rendell Upset Over Loss in Education Funding Competition

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports Governor Rendell says unlike some other states, Pennsylvania lost points for submitting an “honest application.” For example, he says Pennsylvania got both administrators and teachers in most underperforming school districts to agree to major changes. But he says in some other states, only superintendents signed off on that…

“In the 128 districts where we submitted an application, we had everybody signed off and we could have lived up to it. And I told the secretary that I think basically, he’s been deceived by a number of states because they’ve submitted applications that they simply can’t live up to.”

The governor says he’s very disappointed and alluding to student achievement during his tenure. Rendell quipped that in the Race to the Top, Pennsylvania “will say hello to those other states when they get to the top.”

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