Hearings are set next month that could well determine the future of public broadcasting in New Jersey.

KYW’s David Madden reports it’s gone through a number of name changes since New Jersey Public Television hit the air in 1971.

Today, it’s referred to as NJN; 4 TV stations and a radio network covering the state, and Governor Chris Christie wants to get New Jersey out of the broadcasting business.

Not so fast says former TV reporter turned state assemblyman Paul Moriarty:

“The governor made a proposal to merely give away NJN and all of its assets, which include several licenses for TV and radio stations, studio facilities, equipment. All of this could be valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.”

A ten member bipartisan committee will examine the situation starting with a hearing in Trenton. They’re due to issue a report in October, two months before the network’s state funding runs out.

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