A new CBS News survey is out on a number of issues.  KYW’s Larry Kane reports that the economic numbers are not great lately and neither are the attitudes of the people.

The new CBS poll shows the three-quarters of all Americans believe the economic downturn will last another two years.  One-third say it may go on for many years beyond that.

Tie the economy to approval ratings and you have a combustible report.  President Obama’s approval rating is now at 48 percent in this survey, disapproval at 44 percent.

It’s a divided nation, except on one issue: 60 percent favor the tough new Arizona immigration law.  Another 27 percent think it doesn’t go far enough.  And 47 percent want to change the law allowing US-born children of illegal immigrants to have US citizenship.  (Forty-nine percent say it’s okay.)

And there is increased pessimism over Congress and other incumbents, which mean great uncertainty at the ballot box come November.

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