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This is a big week for parents dropping kids off at college, and some are  finding it’s a little tough.

KYW’s John Ostapkovich reports that eighteen years of parenting doesn’t just stop at the college threshold for some:

“I’m happy that she’s moving on, but I worry about my baby.”

Parents who become a little clingy, now referred to by some as “velcro parents,” won’t let go.  So some colleges, like LaSalle University, try to head off any incidents.

Dr. Lane Neubauer is associate dean of students there:

“We tell parents that this is going to be a hard afternoon for you and be prepared for it.  At this point we’re going to have opening convocation, and after that you’re going to say goodbye to your student.”

Neubauer says students are moving into a bright future and parents maybe a dim, empty nest — but they have to let go:

“A student can jump into the new situation much better if the parents can let go of the rope there.”

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