brett myers Booooo Brett Myers!!!!!!By Joseph Santoliquito

There’s a reason why Brett Myers is no longer a Phillie and it has nothing to do with his ability to throw a baseball. It goes along with the very same reason why this current crop of Phillies is winning–and will continue to win. Go down the roster of the Phillies’ nucleus and there isn’t a player in that core group that a manager or front office would question when it comes to character–on or off the field. Not one of the Opening Day starting nine who you would have doubts as to where they were at 3 in the morning, or if they had anger issues that could potentially spill out of control, causing their myopic arrogance to drag down a team.

No, the Phillies are a “character” team from top to bottom, and it’s because they’ve weeded out the distractions, the unreliable imbeciles, the ones that exhausted the team’s tolerance level, the ones who were more characters–like Myers–than who possess true character like Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Ruiz, ect.

It’s partly why the team refused to re-sign the troublesome Myers. And it’s why Phillies’ fans should let the former Phillie headache have it when he starts tonight at Citizens Bank Park with his new team, the Houston Astros. Sure, Myers had the one gutsy at-bat in the 2008 playoffs against C.C. Sabathia, and he helped the Phils garner their first playoff berth in 14 years when he closed out the 2007 season.

But he was far more trouble off the field and in the clubhouse. Think about it. Myers was a walking soap opera, it seemed, especially his last four years with the Phillies. Can anyone forget the infamous June 23, 2006 incident, when Myers was arrested and charged with assault after witnesses saw him allegedly punching his wife, Kim, in public on a downtown Boston street in the early morning hours. The case was eventually dismissed, but good, ole’ lovable Brett wasn’t through when it came to high-profile drama or antics.

Leave it up to Myers to stir some stuff up again. In 2007, our big trailer park righty had to fling a few vulgar words at a sportswriter, who had the guts to shove it right back at the bully. And Myers did what he’s good at–he flipped and proceeded to show great moxie in going after a man at least 30 years older than him and at least 80 pounds lighter. That’s the definition of one tough guy, if you ask me!

Myers was always loud, obnoxious, a boiler pot ready to blow at any moment. He was more harmful than helpful to your Phillies. It’s why Monday night, regardless of anything Myers did while a Phillie, this classless galoot who was a character anchor with his personal demons doesn’t deserve your respect. He deserves a lusty, throaty, from-the-gut Philly boooooooo!!!

My only wish is that Myers didn’t miss his other athletic calling, that as a boxer–as his father wanted him to be. By now, he’d have been knocked out (the heavyweight division is pretty flimsy these days, but it’s not populated by 50ish, 160-pound sportswriters) so many times, he wouldn’t know the day of the week.

This is the same guy that once he signed with Houston, he brayed at the moon and proclaimed he’d “nail” the Phillies for not resigning him each time he pitches against them.

Don’t let this fool get off the hook. Pat Burrell was palatable. Myers isn’t. Boooo this quality human being and be thankful that he no longer pitches for a character team like the Phillies. Let him have it! For those who choose not to boo, that’s okay, too. Have Myers over for dinner. Tell him you live in a trailer park. I’m sure he’ll come a running. It will make him feel right at home.

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