Bowhunters can sign up to thin the deer herd in Neshaminy State Park in Bucks County.

bowhunter1 Deer Hunting with Bows Begins Next Month in Neshaminy

KYW’S Lynne Adkins reports there are too many deer in the park according to Josh Swartley, Neshaminy State Park Manager:

“The deer population in the park is adversely impacting woodland regeneration in the park, we’re not seeing desirable tree species regenerating in the park such as oaks, maples and cherries and other trees.”

Registration begins September 7th at the park office. The first 100-licensed hunters will receive permits for the hunt which will take place during the regular archery season for deer.

Swartley says the park will stay open for visitors and only five hunters will be permitted in the park at a time.

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