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facebook Facebook Adds Location Based Application 'Places'

There’s a new version of Facebook for mobile users of the social networking service. Facebook Places will let you tell friends exactly where you are.

KYW tech reporter Bob Bicknell reports that location-based mobile apps are nothing new – in fact, Facebook is pretty late to the game.  But now, Facebook “Places” will let its 300+ million users tap into the buzz that has been given to rivals like Foursquare and Yelp.

Simply install the new version of Facebook on your iPhone, or for other mobile devices, just visit touch.facebook.com. You’ll have to allow the program to access your location via GPS.

You’ll then be able show friends where you are on a map, and then see if others are nearby.  Badges and check-ins users have earned from other sites will transfer over, so Facebook is likely to see Places really take off.

Privacy experts warn to really be sure you want to share such details online, but remember, it’s completely voluntary.

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