A Downingtown, Pa. woman will never forget her experience at a Paul McCartney concert this past weekend at the Wells Fargo Center — she now has a permanent reminder.

belluso1 tom kelly iv Forever, Signed Paul McCartney

Photo by Tom Kelly IV, Daily Local News

KYW’s Ian Bush reports that Rose Ann Belluso had a tattoo artist ink the singer’s signature into her back:

(Belluso:)  “All the saliva is gone in your mouth, and you can’t talk — you’re peeling your tongue off the roof of your mouth.”

If it sounds like a medical condition, call it Sir-Paul-itis — and Belluso has got it bad.

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The lifelong Beatles fan from Downingtown was at the McCartney concert at the Center…

(McCartney singing) “Yesterday…”

…Actually, on Sunday, with her husband, and a poster the legend noticed:

“It said, ‘I have a tattoo guy on standby, will you sign my back?’ And he acknowledged me as soon as he came out, before he even sang the first song.”

bellusos Forever, Signed Paul McCartney

Rose Ann and Joe Belluso. Photo by Tom Kelly IV, Daily Local News

Before the final encore, a security guy plucked her out of the crowd — she even had the presence of mind to apply lipstick — and the former Beatle brought her on stage, and signed her back in front of 20,000:

“People were mobbing me, wanting to touch me, touch the hand that touched Paul.”

(McCartney singing) “Too many people…”

Belluso admits the “tattoo” part of the sign was supposed to be in jest, but since McCartney lived up to his side of the bargain…

“I’m the most skittish, scaredy-cat, afraid-of-needles person, but I did it for Paul.”

(McCartney singing) “…one that will never fade away…”

Her husband of 30 years is a good sport about her love affair, but don’t let her two sons get near any ink:

“Only if you are 49 and Paul signs you, you can get a tattoo.”

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