Madonna says she’s finally learning to accept a nickname she’s been trying to shed for a long time.

KYW’s Bob Nelson reports that Madonna, who just celebrated her 52nd birthday, used to cringe when fans called her “the Material Girl.”

materialgirl Madonna Finally at Peace with "Material Girl" Label

(Madonna, from her "Material Girl" music video)

Now, she says that although music is still her number one passion, she has a new clothing line.  And that’s caused her to make peace with that overworked phrase fans used to lay on her:

“Strangers would see me on the street and they’d say, ‘Yo, it’s the Material Girl!’   And I’d go,  ‘Ahh, I hate that name! I’m not!’   And then I’d realize I needed to have a sense of humor about it too, and that I had to sort of embrace all the layers of meanings that come with that title.

“Material Girl is a girl that’s interested in fashion and is interested in music and fun and has a sense of humor.  I think everybody has a moment in their lives when you need to redefine who you are.”

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, is now proudly celebrating a new line of clothing by naming it with the appropriate phrase — “Material Girl.”

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