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As the start of the school year nears, some students contemplate investing in new technologies to help them organize their textbooks.

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports e-readers are those devices that allow folks to read their books electronically like the Kindle, Nooks, or the iPad. So what do students thing about ordering online texts to their devices?

“Pagination isn’t always consistent. You’re still going to need the proper edition. A lot of science courses will have problem sets and you need to have the right problem set to do the right homework assignment.”

This students says depending on what you’re studying though, it might be easier to organize your books with an E-reader:

“For English majors, I’m sure e-books could actually be pretty convenient. You have to bring less to class. I’m sure they’ll come up with they’ll start inserting comments.”

But students say they’d have to be cheaper than used books:

“I think the price would have to be really persuasive for students to buy it. I mean, we’re all students, we’re all poor.”

So even with all this new technology, it still might be a few more years until students go totally paperless:

“As much as I like to be able to do things on the web, I still like to have certain things in a physical form.”

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