A&E says the Tony Danza reality show filmed at Northeast High will debut in October. 

danza teacher Tony Danza TV Show to Debut in October

KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports A&E spent almost all of last school year at Northeast High School, filming Tony Danza as he taught tenth-grade English.

Now, the network says the first of seven hour-long episodes will air Friday, October 1st at 10 pm.

Teach: Tony Danza executive producer Neil A. Cohen said he hopes viewers will come away with an appreciation for how tough it is for a first-year teacher.

“When you’re just starting out, wow, that is a hard job.  Over the course of the year, I saw Tony laugh.  I saw him cry.  He really got put through his paces.  And I think really came to bond not just with the students but with his fellow teachers, as well.”

Will there be a second semester of Teach?  Cohen said if the ratings are good enough, he hears the Northeast High principal would love to have the A&E crew back.

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