mcnabb jersey e1281538806420 Andy Reid Has Donovan McNabb Redskins Jersey Removed From Fan At Training CampWhen Jim Devlin woke up this morning, he made a decision; that decision was to go to Lehigh University for Eagles Training Camp. That wasn’t the only decision Jim made, Jim also decided to wear a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey to practice. Jim said he does it to make a statement and “get reactions out of people.”

Andy Reid also made a decision today. Big Red decided that he didn’t want Jim to wear that jersey on the sideline at practice today.

These two decisions are clearly opposed. Want to guess whose decision won out?

Well, it’s Coach Reid’s practice, so what Andy says, goes. Devlin was asked by a security guard to remove the jersey, and he did so without protest.

I’m all for making statements, but the guy knew what he was doing, right? If anything, Devlin has to be overjoyed that Reid actually noticed the jersey.

I think Reid had every right to have the jersey removed, and Devlin had every right to try to make his statement. Everyone wins and goes home happy!

I wonder if the receivers instinctively started diving at the ground when they saw the #5 jersey.

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