Video game fans have been up madden11 ap Madden 11 Video Game Arrives!all night playing the latest version of the virtual football craze which went on sale at midnight at stores all over the area. (Game:) “EA Sports… it’s in the game.”

KYW’s Margie Smith reports the game that’s kept some fantasy football players up all night is “Madden NFL 11.”  The lifelike game–named for hall-of-famer John Madden–went on sale at midnight.  Fans say it’s epic:

(Fan #1:) “Best game ever.  John Madden.”

(Fan #2:) “Madden, it just brings out your innermost football fantasies.  Whatever you want to do, it just lets you control, you know what I’m saying?”

At the Gamestop in Parkside, Pa., the midnight debut included tailgating.  Fernando Basco is the store manager:
“It’s football.  It’s basically the kickoff to the football season.  Madden sells on average close to three and a half to four million copies every year.”

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