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“Hanging Around” is a collection of hanging lamps designed to be art as well as function.

2008 74 1 pma 'Hanging Around' Opens at the Art MuseumKYW’s Karin Phillips reports that Donna Corbin is associate curator of European decorative arts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:

“There has been really for much of the 20th century up to the present, an interest, and since the invention of the light bulb, making light fixtures that are expressive at the same time that they are functional.”

One notable piece by Germany’s Ingo Maurer is a hologram of a light bulb:

“This light is really his homage to Thomas Alva Edison, and the socket, if you look at it in profile, is really Thomas Edison’s profile.”

The exhibit will be hanging around the Perelman Building through October 10th.

For more information, go to philamuseum.org.

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