Tired of seeing trash on Philadelphia streets? One Northeast woman decided to do something about it.
philthfree Young Woman Works to Make Phila. Streets 'Filth Free'KYW’s Pat Loeb reports
on an unusual, ad hoc campaign to clean up the city.

You may have seen the posters:  About 50 of them have been put up so far, bearing the logo “Philth Free.” They read, “Do you see trash around Philadelphia? Would you like to see it gone?”

And there is a number to which you can text the location:

“I figure if they text me where to, I can clean it.”

That’s Sara, the civic minded college student who decided to dedicate her free time to making city a little cleaner:

“The first item I picked up was a sock.”

Sara put the posters up about a week ago and got a text within a day, directing her to 8th and Christian, where she says neighbors were impressed and supportive:

“It felt pretty good. It was cool to see so many people be positive about.”

“I think it’s awesome.”

Deputy streets commissioner Carlton Williams is one of the people who is positive about it:

“This is the type of involvement that we want all of our citizens to understand that their streets department supports.”

The number to text is 267-265-5504.

(Photo by KYW’s Pat Loeb)

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