The attorney for the two victims in this month’s fatal Duck Boat accident has returned from their funerals in Hungary.  He says both families want answers as to how a leisurely boat ride went so horribly wrong. 

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports attorney Bob Mongeluzzi is back in Philadelphia after attending the funerals of 16-year-old Dora Schwendtner and 20-year-old Szabolcs Prem in Eastern Hungary, during which he got to know their families:boatcrash2 cbs351 Local Attorney in Duck Boat Case Returns From Hungary

“They are strong people, of strong faith.  And the communities and towns are rallying around them, and providing support.  But they are just devastated.”

Mongeluzzi says the families harbor no ill against Philadelphians, but they want answers about what caused the collision and what could have been done to prevent it.  He says the accident prompted national news coverage in Hungary that carried over to the return of the bodies and the ensuring funerals:
“This is major news in Hungary.”

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