DRPA Official Resigns Over E-ZPass Misuse, Commissioner Seeks More Answers

drpa logo DRPA Official Resigns Over E ZPass Misuse, Commissioner Seeks More AnswersAmid a bi-state request for an investigation of the Delaware River Port Authority, the employee who misused a DRPA E-ZPass transponder has resigned. Michael Joyce, the top public safety officer at the authority, admitted giving the pass to his daughter.

vereb mike DRPA Official Resigns Over E ZPass Misuse, Commissioner Seeks More AnswersKYW’s John Ostapkovich reports that state representative Mike Vereb of Pennsylvania (top right) and assemblyman Domenick DiCicco of New Jersey (middle right) have jointly written to US attorneys in both states, copying the governors and attorneys-general of both.

The letter asks for a probe of the actions of the DRPA public safety director, who gave his daughter a DRPA-provided E-Z Pass that was not being used by another DRPA employee who was entitled to it.

After the incident came to light, DRPA public safety director Michael Joyce agreed to make restitution and forfeit three days’ pay.

dicicco DRPA Official Resigns Over E ZPass Misuse, Commissioner Seeks More AnswersBut Vereb and DiCicco think more needs to be done.

Here’s DiCicco:

“We’re asking for a full investigation of the port, and really I’d like to follow that up with an audit of the finances of the Port Authority to find out exactly what’s been going on and where controls are either insufficient or lacking.”

matheussen ceo DRPA Official Resigns Over E ZPass Misuse, Commissioner Seeks More AnswersDRPA chief executive officer John Matheussen (bottom right)  says he welcomes any probe, although he thought the E-Z Pass thing had been handled properly internally and says the agency’s annual audit is available to anyone.

But if DRPA Commissioner John Dougherty gets his way, more heads may roll.  He released the following statement after Joyce announced his resignation: 

“The resignation today of Mike Joyce was appropriate and overdue.  I caution everyone that the Joyce situation only hints at the abuse of power and taxpayer money that has been taking place at the DRPA for years.  When I started asking tough questions of the DRPA management almost two years ago, I never expected the level of stupidity and greed I’ve encountered and the utter disrespect the Authority has shown to the taxpayers of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be resuming my demands for answers to many other serious questions.  When I get those answers, I expect that there will be many more resignations at the DRPA.”

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