by KYW’s Phran Novelli

27jul10hazard Don't Plant a Traffic Hazard

Watch where you’re putting those plants – that tree, those shrubs, or even big containers. A few weeks ago, we pruned an old yew on the corner of our yard because it regularly gets so overgrown, drivers can’t see around it to turn safely.

A few days later, I was at a shopping mall and noticed all kinds of new plantings that I thought looked great, until I realized the enormous planters make it dangerously difficult to see oncoming cars as you leave the parking garage. And an island of lovely new bushes they planted blocks the view at an already tricky intersection.

So before you plant anything, try to think about how it will look from every angle – both right now and as those trees and shrubs grow over time. By taking a minute to make sure you plant in the right place, you can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home or business without creating lovely, living traffic hazards.

(Photo: by Phran Novelli)

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