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A Chester County, Pa. scout leader is playing a crucial role in a major live stage production taking place at the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree starting Monday in Virginia.

scouts Local Boy Scout Leader Takes National Spotlight

KYW’s Mark Abrams reports that Bob Tickner (above) is from Paoli and scout master of Troop 50 in Devon. But for the past week or so, he’s been serving as the safety officer for rehearsals of a large indoor show that’s being staged here at the national jamboree at Fort AP Hill near Bowling Green, Va.

The show is sponsored and staffed by the national Order of the Arrow, a service organization within the Boy Scouts. Tickner’s job is ensuring the actors and production crew avoid injury in a very physically challenging, inter-active production called Mysterium Compass.

He says the show uses the symbolism of a compass as a guide for life’s choices:

“The compass always points North and it’s a true direction. Wherever you go in life you can count on finding your way with a compass. And, it’s the same way with the values that we teach in Scouting – the Scout Oath, the Law.”

(photo by KYW’s Mark Abrams)

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