by KYW’s Lauren Lipton

There is a new gallery exhibit in Northern Liberties that is based on a unique concept: all the pictures were taken with cell phones.

And you are invited to join the fun:

“Everyone is an artist. Someone who is 11 could submit to this gallery and be in it, and someone who is 60 could be in it. ”

That’s Hilary Sedgwick, who along with Kenny Kim founded the MMS Gallery.

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philly scene mms Positively Philadelphia:  Cell Phone Photography

(Sample photo from the exhibit)

“MMS stands for masterpieces made simple.  To us, all these cell phone photos are masterpieces, but they’re simple because they were taken  with a cell phone.”

The new exhibit  is being presented by Philadelphia branding company  O3 World, which collaborated on the project,  and represents cell phone photos from around the world.

Sedgwick says more than a thousand were submitted:

“Among the pictures submitted:  from Mumbai we had a picture of  lines of  tanks with solders in the background, great pictures of airports in Japan, aerial photos of the Grand Canyon and the Himalayas, sunsets in Saudi Arabia, and two oxen pulling a plow in India.”

And pictures poured in from the Philadelphia area as well —  cityscapes, a lot of pets, and people:

“One picture was a guy in full-blown cowboy dress:  the boots, the huge belt buckle, the gloves, the hat.  And he was just walking down Walnut Street.”

pos phil cowboy Positively Philadelphia:  Cell Phone Photography

You can see the pictures online, and beginning this week they are also on display at O3 World offices,  1000 North Hancock Street, in Northern Liberties.

If you want to enter one of your photographs for the next exhibit — which will be all about food — go to and they’ll tell you how.

That’s Positively Philadelphia!

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