MLB Networks Mitch Williams joins the Morning team

 MLB Networks Mitch Williams joins the Morning teamClick More to hear straight talk about the Phillies..


  • John Quinesso

    Re: Tim McCarthy-do you notice thqat everything is a “pop up” with him–may it be a foul ball or a fly to the oufield–to me a pop up is an out-not a foul ball or fly ball

  • Bobdfishr

    It’s a crime that a man had to lose his livelyhood for a team to start hitting. Milt thompson (battig coach) wasn’t the problem in Philly. Their all a bunch of head cases that feel sorry for themselves because the team didn’t keep Cliff Lee. Get over it and hit the ball for the millions you make Werth
    They should all realize that their performance is relied upon by thousands of people. If they don’t play well tickets will stop and people lose jobs (selling ,ushering etc.etc.) beleive it or not these millionare players have a roll in our (Philadelphia) economy.

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