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  1. Rich Reedinger says:

    I believe the “dream team” has far too many new coaching faces. Castillo is NOT a defensive mastermind that will win any playoff games. He has too steep of a learning curve to survive the Philly pressures from fans and media. The line coaches are way out of touch with Phila sports and expectations and too old to have the required energy level to focus the players. Just too many new faces all around to be successful.

  2. lou says:

    hunter pence and dom brown both wear number 9

  3. Franny Elliiot says:

    Desean Jackson contract

    This guy willingly signed a four year, front loaded contract. So to hear Angelo crying about a “travesty” that he is getting paid “only $600,000” is BS. He got paid four years ago.

    Renegotiate but honor a contract.

  4. Chris George says:

    PHILLIES !! –

    BJ upton would be perfect for Phila. Young righty with speed in the middle of the lineup. Awesome if they could pull this off

  5. Kathy says:

    Love the Flyers’ moves! Richards failed as a captain and was becoming more and more complacent in that role. Carter was a nice sniper to have but is replaceable. The influx of new, young talent, draft picks, a true # 1 goalie, and hopefully installing Pronger as the captain will bode well for the Flyers future.

  6. J Senick 3rd says:

    Its embarassing enough for Philly to a have a statue of rocky a cartoon, now he gets into some bogus hall of fame. Everyone knows boxing is fake, all predetermine as to who wins & who loses. Boxing is a joke, should not even be consider a sport. If your going to honor a real champion. Try Bruno Sammartino the living legend himself. The greatest champion of all time. For selling out the Spectrum & other arena’s in the northeast while he was champ. He deserves a statue!

  7. KM says:

    WHat if Little Anthony grows up to be a star NCAA Linebacker (Penn St. or Notre Dame) and then gets drafted by the Dallas Cowboys? Is the Cuz’ able to become a Cowboys fan? Jerry Jones will be signing the kid’s paycheck!

  8. Chuck Bailer says:

    lET ME SAY TO ALL OF YOU losers ripping Mike Richards that the man played hurt this year! And anyone who thinks he should be traded doesn’t know the game of hockey!!! As for that drama queen Tim Pinnacio, I’m glad that Richards and Pronger ripped you because all you ever do is try to stir up stuff between the players! Your a poor hockey writer who knows nothing about the game that you cover! Since your such a drama queen I suggest that you go write for TMZ or someone like that! PS- I implore flyers fans not to believe a word that this man writes about the flyers because he’s truly CLUELESS!!!!

  9. Stan M. says:

    Food for Thought
    It’s possible Al-Queda considered the signifigance of staging their terrorist attacks on 911. I’m looking at a wall calendar and see that yesterday was Holocaust Rememberance Day; different Holocaust, but 911 was a holocaust as well. May 01 is also May Day, which is recognized in various countries for various reasons around the world.

  10. Steve says:

    Every team gets calls for and against them and it usually balances out. Didn’t we kinda get a call last game wen bouch threw his mask off?

  11. Steve says:

    Leake ONLY makes $450000 a year. Times are tough and he’s one injury away from making donuts. Some might say he’s stupid, I think he’s frugle and it’s smart

  12. Chuck Bailer says:

    I’m glad that those 2 CLUELESS LOSERS CATALDI and Big DADDY think that the flyers are gonna lose because they’re CLUELESS when it comes to hockey and don’t know or understand the game! Big Daddy really should’t be on a sports station because he knows nothing about sports! The flyers will not only beat the sabres, but will go on to win they’re first cup in 36 years! GO FLYERS!!!!!!!

  13. Chuck Bailer says:

    Why would anybody listen to Rob Ellis’s great listener debate again? Who wants to hear the worst caller in wip history Murray from Mayfair drone on and on about nothing like he usually does! The fact is that I whipped him in the first debate last year and that tool Ellis said that he won! Please get Ellis off the air because he’s terrible and then we won’t have to hear from that LOSER MURRAY anymore because he’s an Ellis tool who only calls him! Both of these guys are terrible and know nothing about sports!!!

  14. Chuck says:

    Let me say this to those 2 baseball tools John from the northeast and George
    from the northeast- You guys are total tools and don’t know nearly as much baseball as you think you do! When a guy like George says Pete Rose wasn’t
    a great player he just shows his total stupidity! As for John, this is a guy who called the phillies gutless before they won the ws in 2008! I’ve forgotten more about baseball and know the game way better than you guys ever will! PS- Can somebody please get Jolivitz and Ellis off the air because they’re both terrible and unlistenable!!!

  15. kgm says:

    Is CHase Utley using JC Romero’s special vitamins? That would explain his declining health over the lst few seasons.

    1. Bstonis says:

      How much longer is Charlie Manual going to get a free pass in Philly. Tonight with the game on the line, bases loaded one out, he brings D Brown to plate (rookie) instead of D Gloud who made his career as a pinch hitter. Brown pops out and polonco grounds out. You need a fly ball Charlie…answer R Gloud. Some mamgers win 10 games for their team. Charlie looses 10. Before the window closes with this team can we get a manager?

  16. Eagle_Dude says:

    I have been an Eagles Fan for over 40 years. If the NFL does not come to an agreement today or very soon I will do whatever I can not to provide revenue to the Eagles. I drive up from Virginia a few times every year to go to games, that will stop. I was going to buy a new Eagles jersey, I will not. I will NOT buy anything connected to the Eagles. I also plan to write the companies that sponsor the NFL; Budweiser, etc. All you understand and care about is money, SO UNDERSTAND THIS.
    This sickening display of greed is a disgrace to humanity.

  17. Ty martin says:

    Some remaining Reid fans say look at his wins …..but he coached for 12 yr in a weak NFC….Did he face Steelers twice a yr,or Colts,pats,ravens….no…did he coach Eagles during 1986-1996 when we played Super Bowl Cowboys,skins or Giants twice a yr….no we play Vick led Falcons and Cutler led Bears

  18. Ty martin says:

    Steelers have all 3 ….Reid never did this…..we have earnie sims 2 sacks this yr,we ran the ball against Packers 12 times with mcCoy ave 5.2 yds a carry, Reid has scramblers that look like Superman during season than lose in playoffs…can”t read blitz gets sacked and throw interceptions…..for 12 yrs not getting better

  19. Ty martin says:

    SUPER Bowl Champions have a few things in common 1) have 2 players with 10 + sacks usually Lb like Charles Haley, lawrence taylor,romanowski,vrabel,harrison woodley 2) run ball 28+ times a game 3)QB passing rating 64 % or more

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