A political storm has surrounded the national tea party –a  major figure is out.williamsmark Analysis: Tea Party Experiences Some Growing Pains

KYW’s Larry Kane looks at what happened and why.

The Tea Party has done well in many elections, but its been dogged by charges of underlying racism since its beginning. Maybe that’s why Mark Williams (above), one of its national leaders, was booted out on Sunday.

Williams published a web blog with an imaginary letter to Abe Lincoln accusing the NAACP of being racist because it uses the word “colored” in its name. The civil rights organization has recently questioned whether the Tea Party tolerated racism.

Well, over the weekend, Williams — a significant voice in the anti-tax anti-bailout group — was sent packing with the organization calling his remarks clearly offensive.

This episode will no doubt prompt the young political movement to try to set some guidelines for party leaders who speak out in public.

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