The Betsy Ross House  has a new exhibit designed especially for the younger set.

KYW’s Lynne Adkins reports that the Betsy Ross House, at Second and Arch Streets in Old City Philadelphia, has created a “Kids’ Kitchen” that lets children see and feel what it’s like to make a meal in during Revolutionary times.

(Girl:)  “We’re making turkey pot pie.”

betsy ross kitchen adkins Betsy Ross House Adds Colonial Cooking Exhibit for Kids

Museum manager Michelle Budenz explains that it’s a kitchen without a refrigerator, or stove, or microwave:

“It is a little mock-up of a colonial kitchen.  Kids can come and use our interactive tools like our rolling pin and our knife [Ed.: it’s not sharp], our hearth, our bellows, to make a colonial meal.”

She says the Betsy Ross House is making an effort to add more hands-on attractions so visitors of all ages can learn about and enjoy the city’s history.

(Photo by KYW’s Lynne Adkins )

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