Governor Rendell says he believes a legal brief filed by Attorneys General from several states — including Pennsylvania — in support of Arizona’s immigration law, is ‘politically motivated.’

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports Governor Rendell acknowledges that attorney general Tom Corbett, the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor, is empowered to join the immigration brief on behalf of the Commonwealth but:

“I think this entire action is politically motivated. The lead state is Michigan, where the Republican attorney general is running for governor as well. So I think this is all politically motivated. It’s waste of taxpayers’ time.”

The governor says the federal government should decide immigration policy, while a spokesman for Corbett says the brief in support of the Arizona law, which is the subject of an Obama administration lawsuit, is about protecting the authority of states, and nothing more. Corbett’s spokesman says if Rendell wants to make it a political issue, that’s his choice.

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