by KYW’s Kim Glovas

Tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike are going up again, the second time in a year, but if you have E-Z Pass you’ll get a little bit of a break.

e zpass1 Discount for E Z Pass Users on Pa. TurnpikeAs of January 2, 2011, motorists on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will be paying more — 10-percent more for cash but only a 3-percent increase if you have E-Z Pass.

This driver says the decision may be what finally forces him to get the little white box:

“You know what, I very well maybe, the more and more I’m seeing it, the more and more I’m using the turnpike, I have a feeling now this is the reason I’ll probably push myself to get E-Z Pass.”

When the new rates take effect, it will be the first time E-Z Pass users will pay less than other drivers.

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