by KYW’s Dr. Marciene Mattleman

Pria Warrick is a well known entrepreneur in New Delhi, India, who provides a unique service to corporations– helping them succeed in their operations in the global economy.

According to The Washington Post, India has some of the world’s best educated techies, engineers and business majors from top universities; but the companies for whom they work fear that their communication skills and lack of social savvy put them at a disadvantage in international settings.

It’s estimated that more than half of the country’s three million graduates go to corporate “finishing schools,” where in places such as Warrick’s schools, dining etiquette, acceptable questions, hosting a meeting, dressing properly and making small talk are preparing people for the greater competitive marketplace. There are also thousands of neighborhood storefront classes on weekends to meet the demand.

Many call what Warrick teaches “soft skills” such as body language and accent training; but from the volume of her work, there’s no question that they’re appreciated. Warrick is called Miss Manners, and is at the heart of a multimillion dollar industry.

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