by KYW’s Pat Loeb

A Pottstown woman has won a brand new Ford Mustang, after living in it for 12 days. An Internet vote determined the winner of WYSP’s “Live in it and win it” contest.

It may not seem like a spectator sport but a small crowd was on hand to see Jessica Smoyer get the keys to the Mustang:

“It reminds me of a happening of the sixties when people would come out just to do happening things.”

Two of four contestants dropped out early, leaving Smoyer, or, as she was known for the contest, Smore, and trash hauler, Nick Seybold, or Trashman C, who clearly felt at home in the detritus that accumulated inside the car:

“I’d go back right now if they’d let me. It was better than picking up trash; living with it wasn’t that bad.”

Smoyer, though, was determined:

“They tried to smell me out but I was like, I want this car so bad I don’t care how bad it smells so I just struck through it.”

Smoyer says she’s looking forward to a shower and — no doubt — so are those around her.

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