by KYW’s Al Novack

SEPTA commuters will be adjusting their weekly transit budgets beginning on today and digging deeper into their wallets, as recently passed fare hikes and price adjustments go into effect across the transit system.

septa bus novack SEPTA Fare Hikes Go Into Effect

While the base fare for trolleys, buses, and subways will remain at $2, tokens will rise from  $1.45 to $1.55.

A weekly Transpass jumps from $20.75  to $22.00, while the monthly Transpass increases by five dollars to $83. Riding the Regional Rails will also cost more — monthly and weekly passes go up by eight percent.

Those 75-cent transfers on buses, trolleys, and subways are  now an even dollar.

Something else that becomes history are those daytime off-peak train fares — they’re being eliminated.

(File photo by KYW’s Al Novack)

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