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campinvention kp 'Camp Invention' Teaches the Fun of Science

by KYW’s Karin Phillips

Kids all over Bucks County are spending the week at Camp Invention, camps set up to teach kids how practical and fun science can be.

Dow Chemical Co. set up Camp Inventions in six camps at three locations to teach kids how science affects their everyday lives and how fun it can be. At the Fitch Elementary School in Levittown, Pa., Dow distinguished professor Chuck Jones taught students how road salt melts ice:

“So they were adding salt to ice, measuring the effect and watching the temperature go down. And then when they were finished, we took that ice bath and we gave them a mixture of half and half, sugar, and vanilla and they made ice cream.”

Shanya, 11, built an allergy-free habitat, complete with a six legged robotic pet:

“These wires and the battery powers up the animal to move so it can move around.”

(photo by KYW’s Karin Phillips)

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