Jeremy Roenick Talks Tears

roenick tears Jeremy Roenick Talks TearsNBC Hockey Analyst Jeremy Roenick Talks with the Morning Show

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  1. St. Kevin says:

    “No one likes a crybaby.” yes, that’s my original quote.
    Angelo, the blank sign at Yankee stadium will bomb out. I make signs for a living. We want to slam Ruben Amaro for trading Lee.
    Use a 3′ x 4′ banner sign with a colorful Bozo type clown on the left side or even Homer Simpsons face. Then in Helvetica bold block red letters on 2 lines to the right saying.. Ruben Amaro. That will work.

  2. SD says:

    He actually said before the Final that he rooted a bit more for Philly because of the way the Hawks lowballed him back in the day.

  3. Sheepish says:

    Roenick doesn’t have to prove a thing to some of you crass Philadelphians (was born in Frankford & lived here/burbs for 53yrs). The Flyers have been my #1 since I first started watching them in ’73. Roenick played for over 20yrs, most of it in Chi & Philly and never won a Cup. I’m glad he has enough loyalty in him to love both teams equally. He’s one who gave his heart & body to win a Cup and can only experience it vicariously. Give him a break! Some Flyers leave and never return to say how much they loved playing for one of very best hockey orgs… Philly!

  4. Michaelb14 says:

    Anyone that had a problem with Roenick(a former Hawk), showing raw emotion really has to examine the pathetic life they lead. Are you kidding me, it was a beautiful moment, wasne panned or fake, he was touched. Flyers 4 life, you sir are a moron and an embarrassment to everything good about sports.

  5. Paul says:

    Roenick is a good guy – I give him a pass on this one. Why does everyone forget when Rick Toccett, fresh off winning the cup in Pitt, looked at the camera and yelled “…THE best team in Pennsylvania! The best CITY in Pennsylvania!” That is a lot worse if you ask me. I’ll take Roenick any day. Just sayin’.

  6. FLYERS 4 LIFE says:

    They should ban this scumbag from the Whacovia Center, the practice facility and anything that has to do with the Flyers. This guy is a two faced, turn coat piece of garbage. Unprofessional loser…his name will never be on the cup. Thank God…cry for the team that thew you away like trash you scum. BAN ROENICK 2010…cmon Cataldi start the movement.

  7. Joe Conforti says:

    I cannot believe how ignorant you people can be. Talk about sore losers and classless individuals. Philly you take the cake with this one. Embarassing.

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