Flyers Defenseman Ian Laperriere joins Morning team

laperriere ian flyers dives to block shot 325x1831 Flyers Defenseman Ian Laperriere joins Morning teamPhiladelphia Flyers Ian Laperriere talks Eastren Conference Finals, Stanley  cup and putting your body on the line.

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  1. Bradley says:

    He’s not a defenseman, he’s a forward!

  2. mike says:

    !The only black eye on this amazing playoff run is the FACT the Mr. Snyder and the Flyers mgnt. are ripping off fans and season ticket holders by charging double and triple the face value for the many seats that were avail. for the cup. Many season ticket holders did not opt for the playoffs because when the pkg was sent out in Feb/Mar it looked like they might not even get in. They told me that if wanted an extra pair of tickets for any of the cup games I had to buy addl’ seats for next year (for thosands of dollars) and then I can pay the triple face value scalper prices they’re asking for the games. WOW!

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